Making the connection

Find hints and tips on engaging with your local MPs and councillors. Help them make the connection with your tenants - their constituents.

Your local MP is an important figure in the community, representing the interests of your tenants in Parliament. They also legislate on issues that affect the future of your organisation.

For these reasons it is vital that MPs are aware of the work your association does for local people. They need to see for themselves the great schemes you run to support tenants and the high standard of the affordable housing you provide them.

Engage with your local politicians

Read our Making the Connection booklet, full of handy advice on how to engage with MPs and show them the best of your work.

See how members are already making the connection and get top tips on what works

Members of Parliament

Find out about MPs and key government departments, and get tips on how to engage with them.

Local Authorities

Learn about the different types of local authorities and their remit, how councillors can impact on your organisation and where the role of the council officer begins and ends.

Constituency Links

The Constituency Links programme links MPs with chief executives or other senior managers from housing associations who provide homes or services to their constituents.