Local authorities

Local authorities and their importance to housing associations

Local authorities are democratically elected bodies that have devolved responsibility for providing certain services such as housing, social care and education. They are run by elected councillors who direct the actions of employed council officers.

The role of local authorities is under review by the Government, and will be updated in the measures which will be passed in the Decentralisation and Localism Bill. These pages will be updated after the passage of the bill.


Learn about the elected officials who make decision on how local services are delivered.

Local government structure

Find out about the structure of local government.

Council officers

What is the role of the council officer?

Types of services provided

From planning to distributing the Working Neighbourhood Fund, find out more about how local authorities deliver services that will affect your organisation.

How to engage with your local authority

Download our Up My Street publication to learn more about how to build relationships with local authorities.