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We are now entering the next phase of this partnership, ensuring that we are really focusing on helping those who need the most help to understand the benefits that smart meters can bring.

Older tenants who are offline

Audience research has shown that people over 65 who are offline, are much less likely to engage with the campaign and understand the benefits that a smart meter could offer them. We want to help you reach your tenants who fall into this group.  

Smart Energy GB have produced a range of resources for you to use that can be downloaded and in some cases ordered at These materials include the key messages and benefits in a format designed for this audience.

You can also visit Smart Energy GB’s Resource centre, and use the materials in your face to face engagement as well as to distribute directly to households who are likely to be offline.  



What are smart meters?

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters, replacing traditional meters in homes across the country.

They send automatic readings directly and securely to the energy supplier, and have a display that shows exactly how much energy is being used and how much it costs, in near to real time.

By 2020 the Government wants every household in Britain to be offered a smart meter, and by the end of 2020 it’s estimated that 53 million will be fitted on more than 30 million premises. The Federation is working in partnership with Smart Energy GB’s national campaign to ensure tenants are informed and educated about this new technology.

Through the partnership:

  • Housing association staff that will reach people over 65 who are offline, are able to access free training to help them share the benefits of smart meters with these tenants.  Please visit NEA website to learn more  
  • Federation member housing associations will receive regular communication about the smart meter rollout.
  • Further information and resources are available to members on the Federation's website.

How do smart meters work?

By sending automatic readings directly to the energy supplier via a secure national network used solely for smart meters (similar to car remote keys or TV), tenants will only pay for the energy they use. And because tenants can see how much energy they are using, it’s easy for tenants to identify where they can become more energy efficient.

How will smart meters help tenants?

  • They will be able to see exactly how much energy they use, in pound and pence.
  • With an end to estimated bills, tenants will get accurate bills instead of estimates.
  • Smart meters will be installed at no extra cost for tenants by their energy supplier.
  • They can say goodbye to meter readings.
  • Smart meters can help tenants become more energy efficient, by making it easier to identify situations where they’re using a lot of energy.

What about tenants who use prepay meters?

As smart meters technology also works with prepay meters, it will make it much easier for tenants to top up their credit. Depending on the supplier, they’ll be able to top up directly online or through a smartphone app. There will be no more keys, cards or inconvenient visits to the shop.

It makes switching between payment modes (e.g. direct debit or prepay) much easier as an installer will no longer have to visit the house and change the meter.

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