City Deals


Find out about City Deals, a new initiative to empower the biggest cities outside London.

9 April 2012

City Deals were announced by the Government in December 2011 in their document Unlocking Growth in Cities (pdf, opens new window). The Government sees cities as the motors of economic recovery, best placed to create jobs and having a crucial role to play in local prosperity. Indeed, cities contain 74% of the population and 78% of the jobs.

City Deals move away from a 'one size fits all' approach to urban policy, offering cities the chance to gain certain powers (such as taxation) in exchange for proposals on how they will support private sector growth and the freedoms they need to achieve this.

City Deals will create powerful, innovative cities that are able to shape their economic destinies. They will be able to invest in growth, drive critical infrastructure development, and create new tools to help people get the skills and jobs they need.

Initially offered to the Core Cities of England (Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and Sheffield), the offer has now been widened to other cities.

As of July 2012, all the Core Cities have agreed their city deals with government. We have produced a briefing on the city deals – what they include and the implications for members.