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Ahead of speaking at the HR in Housing 2019 conference, Andy shares his tips on creating a thriving workplace.

Andy Partridge, Founder of Enviable Workplace

Andy Partridge, Founder of Enviable Workplace

5 February 2019

In 2009 I attended a talk in London. A futurist talking about how the world of work was going to change, and he referred to ‘The New World of Work’ - a term I hadn’t heard of before. I found myself mesmerised by his predictions.

He talked about the disruptive forces shaping up a new world of work, including societal change. He said the way we work, what we look for in work, and how we look for work would change. He also talked about the impact of technology, and how for the first time in history we would have four generations in the workplace and a collision of attitudes and values. The young Generation Y (aka the Millennials) entering the workforce and shaping up a new way of working would force leaders to operate in a different way. In fact, leaders wouldn’t have a clue how to deal with it all, as everything they learnt in business school wouldn’t work anymore. In fact, his leading global workshop was called ‘knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do’. The successful leaders, in his opinion, would realise that they would need to totally unlearn in order to relearn.

This is what he said that had a profound impact on me: competitive advantage would be less and less about what you do as an organisation, and more and more about WHO you are and HOW you do things. In other words, the successful organisations of the future would focus on how to become a better WHO in terms of what they stand for, and offer a better HOW in terms of how they do things and the experience they offer to candidates, employees and customers.

This inspired me shortly after to set up a blog called Enviable Workplace, with a mission to help organisations create the types of places that would better attract, engage and retain people. We focus on helping organisations to create great ‘employer brands’ that would better attract the millennial cohort in the recruitment process, to engaging people through great physical space. We wanted to create a platform to help people shine in the world of work.

I started working in the world of recruitment in the mid 80’s and if you had under five years on your CV you were considered a job hopper. Now I see in some sectors 12 months as an acceptable time in a permanent role. It’s now more about having to sell to the candidate. They want to know how working for you will offer something to their journey, and less about wearing your loyalty badge. The recruitment process is becoming less about application forms and ticking boxes, and more about creating great candidate experience, and matching talent to culture.

I’m looking forward to speaking at the HR in Housing 2019 conference and sharing my experience with some research and tips, to help you get the very best out of your recruitment processes, and think about how to better attract, engage and retain great people in your sector.

I’ll be chatting about:

  • how the world of work has changed
  • research on Millennials & Generation Z
  • building emotional connection in the recruitment process
  • bringing organisational purpose & values to life
  • creating great candidate and employee experience

Come along to the sessions and change the way you work - so you attract the best talent in 2019! 

Find out more about the event by clicking here.

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