On May 4, Greater Manchester will elect its first metro mayor – and housing is top of the agenda

Housing is a priority for voters in Greater Manchester – 40% want ‘developing plans to build or commission affordable housing’ to be a top priority for the new mayor’s first 100 days of office*.

Katie Teasdale is External Affairs Manager for the North West of England

Katie Teasdale is External Affairs Manager for the North West of England

14 February 2017

We need to make sure affordable housing is a priority for the metro mayor. We need to help the public and decision-makers understand how, with their support and real partnership, housing associations and ALMOs can build new homes for everyone, create jobs, boost wellbeing and support people across Greater Manchester to improve their lives. 

We want the new mayor, the candidates, council leaders, councillors and MPs, as well as voters across Greater Manchester to sign up to our campaign calling for everyone in Greater Manchester to live in a home they can afford.

It’s time to tell our story

Housing providers in Greater Manchester have an ambition to deliver – and a successful track record. You own and manage one in five of all homes in the city-region. You built more than 8,000 homes over the last five years, which is a third of all new stock. With the right support, you will build over 12,000 new homes by 2021. And you do more than just build new homes. Last year you invested almost half a billion pounds in existing homes to support regeneration of local communities. You helped over 7,000 people into work and invested more than £1.6m in apprentices. Your poverty reduction strategies helped residents in Greater Manchester to save over £14m. You also know health begins at home so you helped support older and vulnerable people to live at home too.

So we’re launching a campaign and we need you to get involved

The National Housing Federation is working with the Greater Manchester Housing Providers to deliver a public campaign to raise awareness of housing and our sector’s work to improve the lives of people across Greater Manchester.

We’ve a heap of exciting ideas and plans. There’ll be a launch, a week of action and a new Greater Manchester Housing Pledge.

But to make a real difference, we need you to get involved on the ground

There are no rules or requirements, you can do as much as you want. We’ll give you the tools. But we won’t have the impact we need without everyone getting involved. If you would like to learn more or are chomping at the bit to get started, please get in touch with me by email, or on Twitter or with Campaigns Manager John Pierce by email, or on Twitter.

Get involved

* Source: Centre for Cities – 2017 Mayoral Research Manchester City-Region (Com Res)

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