Stop DSS Discrimination

In August 2018 we partnered with Shelter to launch a new campaign to end the discriminatory practice of ‘no DSS’ in the private rented sector.

Government takes action to end 'no DSS' adverts

In March 2019, the Government announced it was banning housing advertisements that specify 'no DSS'. This is a welcome step towards ending this type of discrimination. Read our response.

Background to our campaign

People receiving benefits are often locked out of the private rented sector and openly discriminated against by private landlords and estate agent adverts, who specify ‘no DSS’ or ‘no Housing Benefit’.

So together with Shelter, we're calling for landlords and letting agents to assess people on a case-by-case basis, not through policy bans.

We want all landlords and letting agents to stop excluding tenants receiving Housing Benefit, and we've set out a number of recommendations for the letting industry and the Government to help us achieve this.

Get involved

Our research has shown that almost 9,000 property adverts in England could be breaking equality law by excluding people on benefits.

Download and share a graphic to let people know that this is an issue in your area. Please tag your tweets #EndDSSdiscrimination


You can also show your support by signing the petition on the campaign website.