Finance Team of the Year

2019 shortlist: 

  • Curo
  • Housing Plus Group
  • Johnnie Johnson Housing
  • PA Housing
  • WM Housing

This award will recognise the highest performing housing association finance team, delivering excellent customer service.

A truly exceptional finance team works in close harmony with the rest of the organisation above and beyond processing salaries, supplier payments and generating historical numerical data. They anticipate the most appropriate financial information that decision-makers need and communicate this information in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Judges will:

  • assess whether there is a clear link between the finance team’s strategy and objectives to the overall strategy and objectives of the organisation
  • look for evidence of how the services delivered by the organisation benefit from close and ongoing interaction with the finance team. For example, reliance on finance by the organisation to assess and minimise the impact of recent Government announcements on the delivery of housing
  • have regard for continual improvement in the organisation’s financial performance and financial strength as measured by, for example, reviewing annual trends, compound growth rates and net surpluses
  • look for evidence of where the provision of financial information, services and advice assists the organisation in identifying risks and opportunities
  • be on the lookout for entries that demonstrate a real team effort and make the most of their talents, with a strong emphasis on people, a shared vision and drawing the team together.

Treasury Team of the Year

2019 shortlist: 

  • Kingdom Housing Association
  • PA Housing
  • Stonewater
  • Curo
  • Watford Community Housing

This award will reward the treasury team or individual who is judged to have made the most effective practical contribution to their association’s treasury position in the context of their business objectives. It could be measured by practical success in a commercial process to obtain best pricing, by a more complex or innovative change to the financial footing which adds to development capacity or reduces risk, or by success across a number of frontiers.

Judges will be looking for:

  • sound grasp of strategy
  • good communication with the board and other stakeholders
  • effective execution
  • robust management of treasury systems and processes

Finance Director of the Year

2019 shortlist: 

  • Stonewater
  • Plymouth Community Homes
  • CHP
  • Hyde Housing
  • Curo

This award will honour a truly exceptional finance director. The contribution of an individual heading a high performing team can make a critical difference between good and outstanding service.

Judges will be looking for:

  • a contribution above and beyond that of colleagues or peers in other housing associations
  • a great communicator, winning the trust of colleagues across the organisation and a partner to the CEO
  • an affinity with numbers and the ability to interpret them
  • sound financial risk management and risk planning, with a focus more on planning ahead than looking back
  • a flair for creativity and strategic vision
  • an impact in the organisation that can be clearly related to the finance director
  • evidence of attempts to share the finance director’s skills and knowledge with other members of the team

Best Newcomer

2019 shortlist:

  • BCHG
  • Optivo
  • Yarlington

This will be awarded to a finance team member who is in the early stages of his or her career in the sector and shows promising application, enthusiasm and aptitude for a career in finance.

Entrants must have worked in a finance role for a maximum of 3 years, not necessarily in housing or in current position.

The following qualities and attributes will determine the judges’ decision:

  • enthusiasm and positive impact on colleagues
  • evidence of application and career progress
  • evidence of plans for the future and how these ambitions will be achieved

Best Professional Services Firm

2019 shortlist: 

  • Centrus Advisors
  • Trowers & Hamlins
  • Devonshires

This award will go to the external adviser organisation which over the course of a single or series of assignments, demonstrates:

  • a high quality, comprehensive service to their clients
  • added value, cost-efficiency or strategic value far greater than was envisaged by the client at the time the consultancy was awarded
  • and, for example, exceptional quality of advice and service on finance matters including treasury, debt structuring, capital markets and accessing external investment.

Judges will be looking for:

  • level of service - evidence of going beyond compliance to ensure that you are delivering enhanced value for your customer through an intensive, comprehensive service offering
  • quality of communication - looking for evidence of clear, continuous and reliable dialogue with clients 
  • commitment and contribution to work that truly represents value for money 
  • input from the adviser which has demonstrated innovative problem-solving skills or new use of technology that improves practices across the sector  - so evidence of tangible benefits realised by clients as a result of the services provided
  • advisers who can offer a wide range of investment structures and partners to the sector
  • examples of innovative solutions to financing challenges

Lifetime Achievement Award

The winner of this award will be a long-time proponent of housing finance and a leader of the growth of the finance function throughout their career. Businesses are welcome to nominate function luminaries, leaders and colleagues.

There is no shortlist for this awards and the winner will be announced on the night. On this occasion, the winner will be informed prior to the event.