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Find out how we can make this the Parliament of Houses.

The Homes for Britain campaign was a huge success in the run up to the election with unprecedented political consensus on housing. During the election campaign, the Conservative Party and the main political parties pledged their support for ending the housing crisis at our Homes for Britain Rally. Now we need to ensure that politicians turn their commitments into actions.

That’s why we’ve launched milestone 7 of the Homes for Britain campaign. This milestone is called the Parliament of Houses because that is what we want the 2015 Parliament to be – the time when politicians publish a long-term plan for how they will end the housing crisis once and for all.

We want all Homes for Britain supporters to contact their MP asking them to write to the new Conservative government calling on them to turn their pledge into a plan to end the housing crisis within a generation.

Take part in The Parliament of Houses on the Homes for Britain website

You can also help by sharing the campaign action within your organisation and on social media.

We will be launching our ideas for what should be in the Government’s plan in July – read more about our plan that puts housing associations at the centre of ending the housing crisis.