Get in touch with the Federation’s public affairs team

As housing associations you will have close working relationships with politicians at the local level and will be developing these further in the coming months.

With a new government and intake of MPs this work has rarely been more important and the Federation has an important role to play in sharing helpful intelligence and utilising relationships the sector has established. This will help ensure you have a clear picture of the political landscape across the country and, crucially, it will help inform our influencing work at a national level during a critical period for the sector. 

Please get in touch with the public affairs team to let us know which MPs you have a close working relationship with, as well as any intelligence you gain from your conversations with politicians locally. We can factor this in to our lobbying plans and ensure that the housing association sector punches above its weight with the new Government.

We want to make sure you can use the relationships you have with your local MPs to lobby for change at a national level, as well as on the important local issues that affect your business.

The public affairs team will be updating this section to make your life easier when lobbying your MPs. But, if there’s anything you think is missing, or you would like to discuss a specific topic with us, please get in touch. We would be very happy to provide any advice that you need.

If your day-to-day job involves public affairs, please join the Federation’s Public Affairs Network.