Week of action

To give this short campaign a focus and to show the sector coming together to tell its story, we’re organising a week of action during the week of 22 May. This week starts with #GE17housing launch day on Monday 22 May.

You can play your part:

Preparing for the week of action

The most important thing for you to do is to get in touch with your local candidates to arrange visits. Invite them to see your work in action, whether it’s a visit to a supported housing scheme, a community event or to see a new development being built.

Key actions:

Invite local candidates to see your work in action

Start getting your campaign resources ready, to use as part of the candidate visits and for taking part in the week of action from 22 May. To help you, we’ve provided some essential tools.

Order your A2 campaign board

If you would like any A2 campaign boards or printed copies of Ambition to Deliver, please order these from us as soon as possible.

Prepare your local media splash

We will have the latest supply statistics for release on 22 May. If you would like embargoed early look at these so you can do your own press stories, get in touch with our PR team.

Let us know what you’re planning to do, if you need any support or have any other suggestions for resources that would help you, and share your activities on social media using #GE17housing and #GE2017.

#GE17housing launch day

We want there to be a flurry of activity across the whole week, but to get things off to a strong start, we’ll be kicking the week off with a launch day of action.

Key actions:

  • Share campaign graphics using #GE17housing and #GE2017
  • Use campaign postermaker to make personalised graphics (Available 17 May)
  • Share campaign short video (Available 22 May)

During the week

Key actions:

  • Continue actions above
  • Share pictures or video candidates and colleagues with campaign board
  • Let us know what you have got planned

Hopefully you’ll have been successful in arranging candidate visits for the week of action. Promote these visits (or any earlier meetings) on social media and in your local press.

Share images and quotes from the candidates using the postermaker and use #GE17housing and #GE2017.

Tell the housing association story on social media using #GE17housing and #GE2017. Use the facts about housing associations infographics and video or the sector story video in your tweets.

Talk about your own organisation and share your tenant and customer stories. Stats, images and videos always work well. Use #GE17housing and #GE2017 on whichever channel you are using whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper setting out your organisation’s willingness to work with all parties to end the housing crisis.

Remember to use #GE17housing aon all your social media posts to be featured on our campaign wall and let us know how your conversations with candidates have gone so we can add this to our political intelligence.

After the week and post-election

After the week of action there will still be time to engage with your candidates, to arrange additional visits or to meet with those you didn’t have the opportunity to see during the week.

Continue to share your activities on social media using #GE17housing and #GE2017 and let us know how your conversations with candidates have gone.

We’ll be rounding up all of the campaign activity and analysing the political intelligence we receive. We’ll be in touch with members soon after the election results are known with information about our plans in the new political environment.