Autumn Statement 2016 submission: an offer for everyone

On 23 November, the Government will set out its spending priorities in the Autumn Statement. The Federation’s submission sets out what measures would help housing associations deliver the homes we need – and we’re seeking members’ input to develop this further.

12 October 2016

For the first time since the vote to leave the EU and the resulting political changes, the Government has the opportunity to set out its domestic plan and how it will use its resources to deliver that agenda.

The Autumn Statement is also an opportunity for housing associations to show how we can work with the Government and to put forward the measure that will help us deliver on its – and our own – ambitions.

The Federation’s submission sets out five measures that would deliver a step change in affordable housebuilding. Together, these proposals would support housing associations to work in partnership with the Government to build homes to buy, rent and part-own in every part of the country, delivering a housing offer for everyone. The measures are:

  1. Flexible funding – The Government has already identified £7bn for housebuilding. By investing this flexibly, housing associations could build more homes, more quickly.
  2. Additional investment – Building more affordable homes must be part of the Government’s active industrial strategy. £3bn would allow associations to build an extra 100,000 houses.  
  3. Innovative products – Flexible funding frees associations up to innovate further. We have developed a new mechanism to offer home ownership to low and middle income families.
  4. Access to land – Government has identified enough public land to deliver 160,000 homes. It should give associations priority access to this in return for speeding up building rates.
  5. Unlocking private finance – We understand that up to £4bn of unused government guarantee capacity currently exists. This should be allocated to affordable housebuilding.

Download our one-page summary:

Help us shape our offer to everyone

A key part of the submission proposes a new product that builds on the groundbreaking work of members in helping those on low pay meet their housing needs. This is a group that the sector has always historically housed and, with government support to scale up the innovative ideas housing associations are developing, we could do so again. Our proposed new ‘buy as you go’ equity stakes model would allow a customer to build up equity in a home from day one in a secure, long-term ‘tenancy’ – paying less each month than a private rent.

We have been testing this product with a range of housing association development teams, but are keen to talk further to members about how we can make sure the model works for the widest range of places and communities. 

We are therefore setting up member roundtables to share more information about the submission, discuss our ideas for the new equity stake model, and, crucially, to help strengthen and shape it to inform the more detailed discussions that we will be having with officials ahead of the Autumn Statement.

If you would like to be part of these discussions, join us at one of the member roundtables we’re running in October and November:

To reserve your free place, select the event you’d like to attend and book online.