Government announcement on combustible materials consultation

Following a consultation over the summer, the Government has recently announced that it will ban combustible materials from being used in the external wall systems of new buildings over 18 metres in height.

1 October 2018

This is welcome news and provides housing associations that are developing new homes some clarity on the safety requirements for high rise buildings in the future.

The full announcement is available on the Government’s website.

In our response to the Government’s original consultation, we raised the possible implications of a ban on combustible materials. Residents’ safety is paramount, and we will work with the Government and our members to ensure this ban is implemented successfully and effectively. This means that it must be unambiguous and support the continued delivery of much needed new homes.

We will be having conversations about the ban with MHCLG officials through our involvement in the Government’s Industry Response Group.

Government advice note on partially clad buildings

The Government has also published a new advice note for owners of buildings over 18 metres that are partially clad with ACM cladding.

This sets out the Independent Expert Advisory Panel’s view on ensuring the safety of residents in such buildings.

You can download this advice note from the Government’s website.

Next steps

We appreciate that you will have further questions on the ban on combustible materials and what this will mean in practice. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Should you want to discuss either of the above announcements in more detail, please contact us.