How to contact HMRC – updated information for housing associations

HMRC has issued new guidance for housing associations wishing to contact HMRC. There are now two distinct routes, depending on your query.

11 July 2018

Technical queries, clearance requests and disclosures

You can contact HMRC's Public Bodies Group Housing Association Team if you wish to make a disclosure, have a specific question or clearance request. 

Before getting in touch, make sure you consider HMRC guidance and ­­­­­­­— if you still have a technical uncertainty — send your query to the team's mailbox at 

You will need to complete a technical referral template (Word doc). 

HMRC aims to respond within 14 days or will advise otherwise. 

The mailbox may only be used by tax managers, payroll managers, authorised agents acting on their behalf and not by employees. 

If you have a customer compliance manager, you are advised to contact them directly. 

Business as usual

For day-to-day issues with real-time information (RTI), submitting returns, queries regarding individuals' tax codes, reliefs, etc. please use the normal contact routes, explained here.

  • Employers' general enquiries: 0300 200 3200
  • VAT general enquiries: 0300 200 3700
  • Charity-related queries: Corporation Tax, VAT, Gift Aid: 0300 123 1073