Member data questionnaire – help us get your information right

The questionnaire helps us ensure we’re delivering the right services and contacting the relevant people in your organisation.

13 February 2018

The questionnaire has been sent by email either to your company secretary, governance team, or chief executive. We will use it to collect information for our directory of members and to ensure that we are delivering the right services you need and contacting the relevant people within your organisation on the range of activities we carry out, from policy development to lobbying and campaigns. 

The questionnaire covers organisational information, details on your supply and development plans, the type of housing you provide, and contact details of your senior officers. 

There are two versions of the survey, one for HCA registered members and one for non-HCA registered members. A printable copy of the survey and guidance notes are also available. The deadline to complete the survey is 9 March.

If you are not sure whether a survey has been completed for your organisation, we would encourage you in the first instance to speak to your company secretary, governance team or chief executive. 

If you have any questions, or would need a new copy of the questionnaire, please contact Taha Abrar