National Housing Federation response to Conservative Party manifesto

25 November 2019

In response to Conservative Party manifesto, Kate Henderson, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation, said:

“It’s encouraging that the Conservative Party manifesto includes proposals on tackling the housing crisis. We welcome the commitment to renew the Affordable Homes Programme at the next fiscal event – we have been stressing the urgent need for certainty here, so we’re glad to see that being reflected in the Conservative manifesto. The commitment to bring forward a Social Housing White Paper is something we are pushing for in our general election campaign, and it’s good that this has also been recognised.

“We will work with the next government to conclude and evaluate the Voluntary Right to Buy pilot in the Midlands. We think it’s important that this is done before any further pilots begin. For us it will be a success only if it helps tenants onto the housing ladder without any net loss of social housing.”