National Housing Federation response to DCLG’s large scale fire test results

In response to DCLG’s large scale fire safety test results, David Orr, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation, said:

31 July 2017

“We welcome the establishment of the independent review of building regulations and fire safety and will engage with the process where appropriate.

“Since the fire at Grenfell Tower, all affected members have taken mitigating measures, introducing watch patrols and reinforcing evacuation policies.

“They will continue to prioritise having active and open communication of the latest results with their tenants. They will also map out their next steps on the basis of professional advice.

“What happens next will need to be swift and coordinated. The most effective way of ensuring this happens is for Government to make a clear and unambiguous commitment to making funding available upfront for any remedial works. Clearer guidance should also be given without delay on what material they deem safe to replace cladding.

“Housing associations will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety of their residents and we will be pressing for further guidance to ensure this can be done efficiently.”