Data requirements for the regulation of private registered providers

The National Housing Federation has responded to the Tenant Services Authority’s consultation which sets out plans to change the content of regulatory data the TSA collects.

29 July 2011

Assurances have been received from the TSA that under the new proposals registered associations will no longer be required to submit data at the individual property level in the manner of NROSH until now. The TSA's proposed new regulatory data requirements starting from 2011/12 will be collected on a revised NROSH website but will comprise summary figures only, returned in a similar manner to the way in which the RSR has been collected to date.

The regulator will no longer require any information at the individual property level, and there will be one return annually without the need for a third party toolkit to interrogate stock systems and transmit data automatically. Note that this proposed annual return of statistical data forms one element of the regulatory data collected on the revised NROSH website, which will also include financial returns and the quarterly regulatory, risk and financial data survey for large providers