Future funding of housing costs in supported accommodation

Briefing paper on the response to the Federation’s recent consultation on the future funding of housing costs for supported accommodation.

30 April 2014

The future of how housing costs for supported accommodation should be paid is not yet decided. Currently these costs, including eligible service charges, are met through Housing Benefit, which is due to be abolished. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has made clear that they see the future of this funding outside Universal Credit, possibly in a localised system. However there has been no further progress on how these costs should be paid since the consultation issued by DWP in 2011.

To help inform future discussions, in January this year, we published a discussion paper aimed at engaging members on the principles on which any future system for funding the housing costs for supported accommodation should be based. This was followed by a period of consultation meetings across the country seeking the input of members in different regions. There were also several written responses to the discussion paper.

This report brings together the responses from members and partner organisations to set out key principles for any future system of paying housing related costs in supported housing and outline the key common themes identified by the Federation’s consultation. This report will be presented to DWP in order to assist them to design a new system for the funding of housing costs in supported housing on principles which are acceptable to the supported housing sector.