Homelessness survey discussion paper

We want to open up the conversation about housing associations’ role in halting homelessness.

8 June 2018

We are keen to develop with our members an ambitious, impactful workstream that actively contributes to halting homelessness.

We recently ran a survey with members to understand what housing associations are doing around homelessness. The survey asked questions on the following themes:

  • working with local authorities
  • what housing associations already do to prevent and relieve homelessness
  • the barriers that housing associations experience in doing so
  • housing associations’ experience of the current policy landscape
  • what members would like to see the sector continue and/or develop in the future.

We received 141 responses and the results have helped us establish a baseline, but perhaps more importantly, they also highlighted a number of other important questions we want to address with the sector.

We’ve put together this discussion paper, which outlines the key findings from the survey and sets a number of questions we would like feedback on.

We are interested to hear the views of all housing associations, but as most of the survey responses came from supported housing providers and smaller associations, we are particularly keen to hear more from larger and general needs associations to ensure our work reflects the views of members of all sizes across the country.