Case study report - One year on: the impact of welfare reform on housing association tenants

Ipsos MORI case study report looking at how tenants have prepared for, and reacted to changes including the bedroom tax.

15 May 2014

This report provides detailed insight into how tenants have prepared for, and reacted to, the welfare reforms. The ten case studies provide real-life stories of the thought processes and experiences of tenants who have lived through changes to the welfare system. 

The in-depth interviews suggest that the welfare reforms have impacted on tenants both financially and emotionally. Participants who have been affected by the bedroom tax have reported facing a number of issues; how to pay the part of the rent not covered by Housing Benefit, the disruption of moving to a smaller property and other consequences, such as no longer having a spare room for a child to stay in or accumulating debt following the costs of moving. However, there is evidence that after a period of adjustment, some tenants have adapted to their new situations.

The report revisits some of participants who took part in the first stage of the research, which was conducted before reforms took effect and forms part of the large-scale research project conducted on our behalf by Ipsos MORI and the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research.