Response to HCA consultation on Value for Money Standard

Our response to the HCA’s proposed Value for Money Standard.

20 December 2017

We have responded to the HCA's proposed Value for Money Standard. Our response, which incorporates our earlier response to the HCA's technical note on Value for Money metrics (22 November 2017), highlights a number of key points:

  • We support the proposed shift to a metric-based approach to efficiency and away from the narrative self-assessment currently required. 
  • The proposed Value for Money Standard gives insufficient regard to the social purpose of housing associations, and its focus on financial returns is misplaced. 
  • The proposed metrics, which draw substantially on the Sector Scorecard, will not be administratively burdensome for associations that already routinely submit data to the HCA. 
  • Smaller associations, however, should have the latitude to select their own metrics. 

Our response follows extensive consultation with our members. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact John Bryant