The Rough Sleeping Strategy – summary and member briefing

The Government’s Rough Sleeping Strategy sets out steps towards ending rough sleeping by 2027. We’ve summarised this strategy and written a briefing that outlines what it means for housing associations.

24 August 2018

The Rough Sleeping Strategy outlines how the Government intends to end rough sleeping by 2027. It is backed by £100m of funding and takes a three-pronged approach to ending rough sleeping through prevention, intervention, and recovery. The Federation worked closely with the Government as a member of the Rough Sleeping Advisory Panel to develop the strategy, chairing a subgroup focused on recovery. 

Rough Sleeping Strategy – need to know

Culture change

  • A shift to cross-department working shows that the Government recognises that homelessness and rough sleeping are not just about housing.
  • The strategy makes progress in understanding of the complexity of rough sleeping and people’s needs, and pledges more for women, non-UK nationals, and LGBT people.

Measures that affect housing associations

  • Reviews of hostels, housing-related support, and the causes of homelessness.
  • £19m for Supported Lettings – tenancy sustainment support for housing allocated to people with experience of rough sleeping, and the £50m Move-On fund (for outside of London) has been re-opened, this time including revenue funding for support.

Where the strategy must be strengthened

  • On supply, we need 90,000 new social homes a year, yet the strategy will only bring another 879 bed spaces through the re-announced Move-On Fund.
  • There is a lack of action on welfare, despite evidence of its role in homelessness. 


  • The strategy is backed with £100m funding. There is concern that this is not enough and that there is no new money – it has all either been re-announced or re-prioritised.

Next steps

  • There is a commitment to review and amend the strategy annually.
  • The Government will begin work on a new strategy on the wider forms homelessness in September 2018.

Rough Sleeping Strategy – member briefing

We've summarised the 77-page strategy into a 12-page briefing that covers:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction to the Rough Sleeping Strategy
  3. Overview of the scale of the issue
  4. The 2027 vision: prevention, intervention, recovery
  5. Federation response
  6. Conclusion.

In the video below Sarah-Jane Gay, homelessness policy expert at the Federation, gives a one-minute overview of the strategy and our initial response.