Together with Tenants

In February 2019, we launched a piece of work to look at strengthening the relationship between housing associations and their tenants and residents.

Housing associations work hard to create a positive relationship with their tenants and residents, alongside aiming to provide safe, decent and affordable homes. The sector has a longstanding commitment to engaging with tenants and residents, and there are many great examples of how housing associations have shaped their organisations around the needs and views of the people they house.

However, housing associations know they don't always get it right for everyone, and are not always as accountable as they should be to their tenants and residents. They also recognise the lack of consistency between landlords. Some tenants and residents have said their landlord feels distant and this has led to a lack of trust in housing associations in some places.

The Federation has been working with tenants, residents, tenant representative groups, our members and others to understand what practical change is needed to address this.

We created our first plan in February 2019 and opened it up to consultation for two months, gathering more than 2,500 responses. We also opened up the project to housing associations to sign up as early adopters, meaning we will test the charter with them over the coming months.

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