Remedial works

The Government’s Building Safety Programme was launched soon after the Grenfell Tower fire to make sure residents in high-rise buildings are safe and feel safe.

The programme was initially focused on the remediation of buildings with cladding that failed safety tests but was broadened out to cover other building safety issues. This work is guided by the advice of an Independent Expert Panel, with input from an Industry Response Group of which the National Housing Federation is a member.

Cladding that failed safety tests was identified on 113 housing association buildings. Since the summer of 2017 our members have worked tirelessly to remediate their buildings. While this work goes on, people living in affected buildings are kept safe with additional safety measures where needed, such as 24-hour fire wardens, and our members are ensuring appropriate and necessary information reaches residents.

The National Housing Federation continues to provide support to members that are carrying out cladding remedial works and flagging to Government any issues that delay progress.

Other types of cladding – test results and current advice 

The Government conducted a large-scale fire safety test on high pressure laminate (HPL) cladding with stone wool insulation, which was found to pass the test. 

Following the large-scale test, the Government published Advice Note 22, setting out specific information for building owners on the use of high pressure laminate panels in external wall systems. The Government continues to encourage building owners to follow the advice given in Advice Note 14 in reference to any other materials. 

In addition, the Government has completed a programme of medium scale combustibility tests on cladding that is not aluminium composite material (ACM). The tests investigated the performance of the following cladding materials, and confirmed that there is no change in advice for building owners using these materials: 

  • aluminium honeycomb panels
  • high pressure laminate panels
  • brick slips
  • reconstituted stone
  • zinc composite panels
  • copper composite panels.

Other resources:

  • Government ban on combustible materials, 6 December 2018. The Government has set out details of its ban on the use of combustible materials in buildings over 18m in height.
  • Government announcement on combustible materials consultation, 1 October 2018. Following a consultation in the summer, the Government has recently announced that it will ban combustible materials from being used in the external wall systems of new buildings over 18 metres in height. 
  • Combustible materials consultation – Federation response, 16 August 2018.  We have responded to the Government’s consultation on its proposal concerning the use of combustible materials. 
  • Our response to Government data published today on the progress of post-Grenfell remedial works – Victoria Moffett, Grenfell Lead at the National Housing Federation responds to Government data published on the progress of post-Grenfell remedial works  
  • Accounting for Grenfell-related costs – key considerations, 17 May 2018. Accounting considerations arising from costs related to the Grenfell tragedy.