Housing’s offer to health

The role housing plays in improving health outcomes and examples of how this works in practice.

Housing plays a major role in good health, with warm, dry homes, and access to green space boosting people’s wellbeing. Our members provide the high-quality, affordable homes that reduce health inequalities by preventing illness associated with damp and overcrowding.

The specialist housing and support developed by some of our members allows older people, and those living with long-term conditions and other health issues, to live independently. Joint working between housing and health can reduce hospital admissions, speed up hospital discharge, and reduce persistent health inequalities. The Connecting Housing and Health series of briefings provide learning on health commissioning and NHS providers. 

Partnerships between housing associations and NHS providers can reduce pressures on the NHS and improve an individual's overall wellbeing. Housing associations could make creative use of NHS estate to develop new and innovative solutions to integrated health and social care.

For partnerships to work, housing associations need to develop shared attitudes to risk with the NHS and robust quality assurance to assure themselves and the wider public that they are safe and are delivering the required outcomes. 

If you are working well with CCGspublic health or NHS providers to improve local health outcomes, we'd like to hear from you.