What are housing associations doing to offer health, care and support services?

Housing associations are diverse organisations and this is reflected in the range of ways in which they are currently engaged in health, care and support services.

Understanding this landscape is important in order to identify the spaces where partnerships could have the most positive impact.

What do housing associations provide?

Housing associations provide a range of health, care and support schemes for disadvantaged people, including

  • health schemes ensure that people feel supported to manage their condition, and improve recovery from injuries and trauma
  • care schemes improve people’s experience of care and ensure that services are integrated and positive
  • adapted homes, especially for older or disabled people, enable people to regain their independence
  • support schemes promote a culture of safety and belonging for people who have spent their lives on the fringes of health and housing provision.

Who do housing associations provide services for?

Some housing associations provide a portfolio of different health, care and support schemes for a range of client groups.

Others, especially housing associations which are set up as an arm of a charity who exist to serve a particular client group, are much more specialised.

The client groups housing associations serve include

  • older people, especially those with access needs or dementia
  • people with physical or learning disabilities
  • people with mental health problems
  • people with multiple long-term health conditions
  • people recovering from alcohol or substance dependency
  • young people leaving care
  • homeless people
  • people fleeing domestic abuse
  • ex-offenders
  • ex-service people.

Services are targeted and personal, and help people to regain their independence and improve their quality of life.

What happens next?

To illustrate where and how health and housing are working well together we’ve built an interactive map of case studies.

To help you kickstart a conversation about a partnership with a housing association, we’ve created a list of useful contacts.