Rural housing

We are working to increase the number of affordable homes in rural areas.

Over 440 of our members own and manage 728,000 homes in village and market towns across the country. Investment in rural homes and communities is a core part of our members' business.

There is an urgent need to increase the provision of affordable housing in rural settlements. Many villages are at risk of becoming ghettos of the rich and of older people, as young families and those on modest incomes are priced out.

Rural Housing Week 2018

Rural Housing Week is our annual celebration of rural housing. Find out more and get involved. 

How affordable housing can save rural services and communities

Services in rural areas, such as schools and pubs, are the pillars of rural community life. But these services have been increasingly at risk of closing where rural areas have suffered from lack of investment in new affordable homes. Without this investment, it is difficult for families to grow and remain in the same area, and more difficult for people to move to these areas, putting the long-term sustainability of local businesses at risk.

Last year, housing associations built 3,030 homes in rural areas of England. It's this commitment to housebuilding that can help to keep essential rural services alive and breathe life back into communities. Our Rural life monitor 2017 report contains a number of case studies demonstrating this.

Rural housing 5-star plan

We have developed a 5-star plan for rural housing through consultation with housing associations.

The rural housing 5-star plan challenges the sector to increase delivery of rural housing and continue to contribute to a living and working countryside.

Find out more and sign up to pledge your support.

Federation Rural Housing Alliance

The National Housing Federation Rural Housing Alliance has been created to help support Federation member housing associations that own and manage homes in rural areas.

The Alliance has published a rural housing pledge, Affordable homes for local people, which offers a set of guarantees for rural communities. The Alliance works to promote this pledge to rural local authorities and parish councils.

Partners for Rural Housing

We participate in the Rural Housing Network. The group's aim is to advise the Homes and Communites Agency and seek ways to improve the delivery of affordable rural housing. The group meets four times a year and is convened by Sue Chalkley, Chief Executive, Hastoe Housing Group. 

We are also members of the Rural Coalition, chaired by Lord Robin Teverson. The coalition comprises 15 members who subscribe to a vision for a living and working countryside.