Regulatory framework

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Changes to the Regulatory Framework – consultation

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) has published a consultation paper proposing important changes to the Regulatory Framework. These include:

  • Changes to the consents regime and registration process
  • A proposed Code of Practice to supplement the Governance and Financial Viability Standard.

Our briefing outlines the proposals in more detail, with an initial response on the key areas.

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Changes to the Regulatory Framework – consultation response

We have now responded to these proposed changes to the Regulatory Framework.

We welcome the HCA’s move away from the ring-fencing requirements outlined in its 2013 discussion paper, and:

  • support the emphasis on effective risk management.
  • agree that housing associations should keep registers of their assets and liabilities
  • agree that housing association business plans should be subject to robust stress-testing
  • suggest how the HCA can mitigate proposed restrictions on the general consent
  • point out some practical limits on the use of the HCA’s consent power.

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Regulatory Framework

On 1 April 2012 the Tenant Services Authority (TSA) was abolished and the HCA took over as the regulator of social housing. A new Regulatory Framework was put into place, with the HCA discharging this function through a specially-appointed Regulation Committee.

The main Framework document incorporates the seven regulatory standards, together with information about the HCA’s general regulatory approach.

Read the Federation's briefing on the Framework