Governance and Accountability


All you need to know about the Federation’s governance and its accountability to members.


We operate under Articles of Association 2012 (PDF, opens new window)

Our board

We have a board of 12 people who set the strategic direction of the Federation and work with the leadership team.

Our board has three sub committees:

  • An executive committee that meets with key stakeholders and acts as the remuneration committee
  • A risk and audit committee that considers, in detail, risk and the financial viability of the Federation
  • A nominations committee that recruits for new board members.

All sub committees are accountable to the board and report to the board as necessary.


Our main mechanism for accountability to our members is the annual general meeting (AGM).

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How to get involved

Our board is keen to engage with members, to hear vital feedback in order to demonstrate accountability. To this end, the board now engages formally throughout the year with the regional chairs group, which comprises the chairs of each of the Federation's nine regional committees.