Homes for Britain campaign timeline

The Homes for Britain campaign has six milestones, with distinct activities for each.

Our timeline provides more detail of the activities we’d like you to take part in during each phase of the campaign. You can also download a pdf version of the timeline.

We’ll be adding more detail to this timeline as the campaign each milestone approaches, so be sure to register for regular updates.

Date What is happening What you can do
As soon as you can Join the campaign
  • Sign up for updates
  • Tell your colleagues about the campaign
  • Show your support with the campaign badge on your website/publications
  • Bid for your tickets for the rally before 8 December
At any time during the campaign Take the campaign message to politicians
  • Arrange meetings with your MP and candidates
  • Tweet the campaign message to your MP
  • Tweet the campaign message to the party leaders
Every week Tweet about the campaign
  • Include #homesforbritain in any tweets about the housing crisis or what you are doing to help end it – find example tweets on the website
27 January to 17 March 50 blogs in 50 days
  • Suggest a blog for the campaign
  • Add your comments to the blogs
  • Tweet links to the blogs to your followers

9 February onwards Milestone 4: Amplifying the message: Take the campaign message to the public
  • Request/download your campaign materials
  • Add campaign graphics to your vans, billboards and noticeboards if you can
  • Put up posters in offices, developments and community venues and anywhere else
  • Fly the Homes for Britain flag at your developments
  • Distribute information about registering to vote
  • Include an article on how to register to vote and why it matters in your tenant magazine
7 March to 17 March Walk to the rally
  • If you are walking to the rally, make a video of your journey and tweet along the away
  • If not, give your support on social media
17 March Milestone 5: Homes for Britain rally
  • If you have tickets, join us at the rally
  • If not, be there in spirit on social media
March onwards Advertising campaign
  • Put up ads on your sites if you can
17 March after the rally Milestone 6: The Home Straight 
  • Engage with politicians in your area
  • Organise a hustings with all the candidates
7 May General Election
  • Vote!

Completed Milestones

1. Party Conferences - September-October

We took the message directly to politicians at the three main parties’ conferences with more than 50 events involving 80 organisations taking place under the Homes for Britain banner. Read more about the success of this milestone.

2. #HomesforBritain day of action (November 2014)

The whole housing sector got actively involved in the day of action on 25 November – nearly 1,000 organisations and individuals participated and tweets with #homesforbritain appeared in timelines nearly 3 million times. Our Thunderclap was supported by 429 people (a social reach of 689,000) and more than 10,000 loops of our Homes for Britain Vines were played on the day.

3. Ho Ho Homes for Britain (December 2014)

More than 1,000 messages were sent to 550 candidates by our supporters. The hashtag #homesforbritain was used nearly 1,500 times on Twitter in December and our Facebook advert reached more than 18,000 users.