The Homes for Britain campaign

The Homes for Britain campaign will have six major milestones that lead to election day.

We want you to get involved, contributing your own ideas for creative ways to spread the campaign message and mark these milestones in style.

Be sure to nominate your campaign champion so we know who is the best person to contact with further details.

1. Party Conferences - September-October

We took the message directly to politicians at the three main parties’ conferences with more than 50 events involving 80 organisations taking place under the Homes for Britain banner. Read more about the success of this milestone.

2. #Housingday - 12 November

Support and join in with #housingday on social media - we’ll focus on what a difference a good home makes.

3. Ho, Ho, Homes for Britain - December 

Festive campaign activity to tell politicians about the true impact of the country’s shortage of homes on real people.

4. Amplifying the Message - January- February

Spreading the word wider through billboards, posters and attention-grabbing activities that can’t be ignored.

5. Homes for Britain Rally - 17 March

Thousands of people coming together in the heart of Westminster for the biggest housing rally in a generation to urge the parties to back our call.

6. The Home Straight - April

Your last opportunity to take the campaign message back to your local politicians once more before the election.