iN business for neighbourhoods

Where you see the iN business for neighbourhoods logo, you will find a housing association that has made a set of promises – to customers, neighbourhoods and excellence.

Why neighbourhoods?

Knowing your neighbours, local shops, decent schools, healthcare, jobs, places to relax and good public transport - that’s what makes a place somewhere you’d be happy to live, work, bring up children or grow old.

Neighbourhood matters when life gets tough - and many people’s lives are getting tougher. Jobs have become less secure and many people’s incomes are dropping. More than half of all marriages end in divorce. We’re all living longer.

As your life changes, you may need a different kind of home and different kinds of support. A larger home if you have a family, a home with built-in help – smaller, larger, rented, owned, or sheltered. A neighbourhood that offers the home or services you need is one which works.

What does iN business for neighbourhoods mean for you?