General Election 2017

In light of the events in Manchester, we have decided to suspend our general election campaign activity for the rest of this week.

Working together for great homes

While Brexit will undoubtedly dominate this election, we can’t afford to let housing fall off the agenda. 

At the last election we succeeded in making housing a top five issue and the recent British Social Attitudes survey shows that the housing crisis argument has been won with the public.

But we cannot waste this opportunity to make sure housing is a priority for the next intake of MPs, whether that’s increasing supply, investing in regeneration or putting supported housing on a sustainable footing.

Our General Election plan

Building strong relationships with politicians and telling the housing association story has been our focus since the last election, both at the Federation and with associations through the Owning our Future initiative. And this work has started to bear fruit with a new deal on investment and flexibility in the Autumn Statement. We have excellent relationships with senior figures in all parties, and up and down the country associations have strengthened their links with local MPs.

Our plan therefore for this election is very much to build on the progress we’ve already made - to get on the front foot with the next round of MPs, cabinet members and influencers and show that housing associations are central to fixing the broken housing market, and that we are ready to work with the next government.

This is where you come in.

How you can get involved

Get in touch if you have any questions about our plans or if you want to be added to the mailing list for campaign updates.