Existing homes and neighbourhoods group

The Existing Homes and Neighbourhoods Group was established in January 2015.

The Existing Homes and Neighbourhoods Group (EHANG) provides strategic input to help shape and inform the Federation’s policy work around: 

  • issues impacting on management such as allocations and nominations policy
  • how to maximise public and private investment in housing, in a way which improves the quality and condition homes and neighbourhoods
  • housing associations’ asset management strategies, including maintenance and management information
  • risks and opportunities presented by any further devolution of funding and power, including engaging with local growth agendas
  • sustainability and environmental policies such as energy efficiency, renewable energy and fuel poverty
  • green space and green infrastructure policy linked to climate resilience
  • the link between effective asset management and investment in driving new supply, regenerating neighbourhoods and more effective use of housing stock
  • delivering good design and quality standards cost effectively
  • trends in the wider housing market and a route for early warning of ‘what’s working and what’s not working’ in relation to regeneration and identifying barriers and opportunities for the sector
  • media, campaign and lobbying work and providing press comment, as appropriate.

Group members

  • Alexandra Willey, Head of Asset Sustainability, Affinity Sutton
  • Anna Fryer, Director - Intervention Team, Incommunities
  • Adam Hackett, Head of Environmental Sustainability and Safety, Aster Group
  • Bill Lovat, Regional Director (East), Regenda
  • Claire Hendry, Sustainability Manager, Hastoe Group
  • David S. Brown, Head of Asset Management, Four Housing
  • Helen Thompson, Director of Customer services, The Calico Group
  • Ian Joynson, Executive Director of Asset Management, The Guinness Partnership
  • Leigh Scott, Head of Asset Management, Home Group
  • Lesley Conroy, Tenant Services Manager Neighbourhoods, Coast and Country
  • Mark Coogan, Head of Repairs & Neighbourhood Investment, Yorkshire Housing
  • Mark Vaughan, Group Director, Notting Hill Housing Trust
  • Michelle Meldrum, Managing Director (Gentoo Operations), Gentoo Group
  • Richard Baines, Director of Sustainable Development, Black Country Housing Group
  • Wayne Gethings, Managing Director, The Wrekin Housing Trust