Member satisfaction survey

Our annual member satisfaction survey is a great opportunity for you to give us feedback on what matters to you most, what we are doing well and where we can improve.

6 November 2017

For the past three years, we’ve commissioned The Leadership Factor to conduct a member satisfaction survey on our behalf to ask what parts of our work are most important and how effectively we deliver them.

The survey is useful in showing us where we have made progress and improved our service, but also where we need to make improvements. Last year’s survey showed us that the areas that were most important to members were the Federation having an influence on policy, putting members at the heart of everything we do and understanding your businesses, and this is where we have focused our efforts.

Chief executives and other staff at member organisation who we are in regular contact with, will be receiving an email this week from The Leadership Factor with a link to the survey.

This link is unique to you – if you would like others in your organisation to complete the  survey, please contact Helen Collins, Member and Business Support Manager, who can arrange for them to be sent their own versions.

The survey shouldn’t take long to complete and we are keen to have as high a return rate as possible, as this information does inform our business decisions.

Providing an excellent service to all of our members is the Federation’s driving ambition and this survey really does provide us with invaluable information to help us work towards that goal.