Sector Scorecard pilot launched

The efficiencies benchmarking project is now looking for housing associations to take part in a year-long pilot.

31 January 2017

Housing associations have a great story to tell and it is important to back this up with statistics that build a full and open picture of individual organisations and the sector. This information is vital, not just for each association to assess its own performance, but to use as part of conversations with the Government and other stakeholders.

With this in mind, the Efficiency Working Group, led by Mark Henderson from Home Group, has been looking at how the sector benchmarks efficiency and effectiveness.

The Sector Scorecard is the name for a set of 15 indicators that are being proposed. These indicators will allow comparisons of similar organisations, while at the same time recognising that this is a diverse sector encompassing a wide range of legitimate social missions.

A one-year pilot has now launched to thoroughly test the indicators proposed and the practicalities of collecting and analysing the data. It is hoped that as many associations as possible to take part in the pilot, representing the depth and breadth of the sector.

The Federation is giving this initiative our full support and would urge members to get involved.

You can find out more information about the indicators and the pilot on the Sector Scorecard website. You can either sign up online or by emailing