Community land trusts

A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a not for profit community-based organisation that delivers housing and other community facilities at permanently affordable levels for local people.

It does this by holding the land in trust, separating its value from that of the building that stands upon it, and leasing it to home owners on long leases or letting it out at an affordable rent. The CLT is then able to deliver permanently affordable housing by fixing the price the homes should be sold at in the future.

Any increase in the value of the land, by planning gain or land appreciation, will be locked in by the CLT for the permanent benefit of the community.

Over the last decade or so we have seen consistent growth in the number of CLTs and there are now more than 80 community organisations that define themselves as a CLT. These range from fledgling organisations that are just starting out to those that have delivered a number of homes and other community facilities and can be found on the following map.

National CLT network

The National Housing Federation is the host of theNational CLT Network, the national body for CLTs that promotes and supports the work of CLTs in England. It is an independent body and is accountable to the CLT Supervisory Board.

The National CLT Network promotes the work of CLTs by influencing Government and key partners to put in place the conditions for the CLT sector to grow and prosper. It supports individual CLTs by providing training, events and resources.

With cross-party support for CLTs and the Coalition Government’s commitment to make it easier for communities to provide homes for local people, we could be on the brink of a flourishing of CLT activity.

However, there are still a number of barriers faced by CLTs. These include access to land at an affordable cost, mortgage lending on CLT properties and the right technical advice and support. By overcoming the barriers that CLTs face the Network will enable a step-change in the formation of new CLTs and the homes and community services that they deliver.

For more information on the CLT Network, CLT training events and resources please visit the National CLT Network website (opens new window).

Housing Associations partnering with CLTs

Some of the most successful CLT developments have benefitted from housing association support to develop and manage the new homes, including in Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset and the North East.