Welfare reform


Find out how the Government’s welfare reforms will impact landlords and tenants.

Changes to the benefits system, which are having big impacts on both social landlords and tenants, are underway. April 2013 saw the introduction of the bedroom tax and benefit cap. The introduction of Universal Credit, which replaces many existing benefits, began in April 2013 and the roll out will continue until 2017.

The Federation is:

We've put together a summary of recent developments and achievements.

Latest Welfare reform updates

Welfare reform update - May 2015

21 May 2015

Includes how we are responding to the Government’s potential welfare reforms, changes to the Universal Credit process and the introduction of a seven-day waiting period on Universal Credit claims.

The next stages for welfare reform

20 May 2015

The new Government has set a challenging and ambitious agenda on welfare reform and the Federation will work closely with the DWP to understand the impact of potential reform on tenants and association business plans...

Universal Credit and data sharing

16 April 2015

New data sharing regulations have been introduced with notification letters being sent to housing associations when tenants claim.