Board payments


Get an insight into board members pay in the sector with the results of a survey conducted in autumn 2012.

17 January 2013

In response to a questionnaire sent in autumn 2012, we now have an up-to-date picture of who pays what to board members in the sector. This spreadsheet contains the board payment details of over 100 organisations, with each organisation line containing details of subsidiaries.

We have not included the names of associations but have included turnover and region so that you can sort accordingly (NB currently sorted by turnover). We have also included some basic data on the impact of payment on the overall governance of an association. Plus, in response to questions raised by members we have asked for basic information on:

  • the effect of collapsed structures on overall pay
  • the treatment of local authority nominees and board members who receive benefits with regard to payment
  • the profile of executives now on boards
  • whether remuneration has had an impact on the recruitment, performance and commitment of board members.

The spreadsheet data continues to demonstrate a sector that is making sensible decisions regarding the level and scope of payments within the overall governance structure of an organisation. There have been more medium-sized organisations that have taken the decision to pay some or all board members since the last survey was completed in 2010.

If you would like to discuss this please contact Stephen Bull .