Feed-in Tariffs Scheme: Federation Response to Comprehensive Review Phase 2A: Solar PV cost control


12 April 2012

While supporting the proposals to manage FITs in line with actual deployment in principle, the Federation calls on the Government to ensure viable tariffs for social housing and achieve distributional equity.

13 April 2012

The Federation’s response to Phase 1 of the Comprehensive Review reported the significant effect the proposed tariffs and timetable had on housing association plans to install PV.

Our approach to the issues in the consultation reflects two important underlying concerns:

Firstly, the need for decisions on FIT rates and rules to take seriously into account their impact on distributional equity.

Secondly, it is vital that FIT supports deployment of solar PV in the social housing sector.

As people on low incomes are highly unlikely to be able to make an upfront investment in retail PV installations, it is only through social housing installations that there is likely to be deployment benefiting people on low incomes at any scale. We are seriously concerned that if these issues are not considered further by DECC before policy is settled, there will be little further PV deployment in the social sector.