The Housing Report: Edition 2


Report shows the Government is still not doing enough to tackle the country’s housing crisis.

13 May 2012

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The second edition of The Housing Report, like the first, seeks to establish whether the Government’s approach to housing is succeeding.

Produced jointly by the National Housing Federation, Shelter and the Chartered Institute of Housing, it sets out what ministers and officials have said they will do to tackle the housing crisis - and assesses to what extent they have achieved their stated objectives.

As in the first edition, we have assessed the latest data for England under ten main headings, using official sources wherever possible, and rated the Government’s progress using a traffic light system - green for going forward, amber for no progress and red where things are getting worse. The passing of time since the last Report has enabled us to draw on additional data, providing a fuller – albeit still incomplete – assessment of the coalition’s record in office.

In the first edition of the Report, in October 2011, we allocated four red lights, three ambers, two greens and a wait-and-see. This time, in May 2012, we have given five reds, three ambers and two greens.

Based on hard data, we hope our conclusions promote much needed debate on what needs to be done to fix our housing system. Keeping these issues at the top of the political agenda is the only way to secure them the attention, commitment and resources required to have a reasonable chance of tackling and solving this country’s housing crisis.

Edition 2 of The Housing Report finds ministers will need to significantly up their game to achieve their objective of meeting the nation’s housing needs and aspirations.