How many homes did housing associations build in 2016/17?

A briefing on the number of homes housing associations developed last year (2016/17). The results come from our supply survey, which received a response rate of 82%. These members also cover 93% of stock owned by developing housing associations.

23 May 2017

Summary of key points

  • Housing associations started 47,709 homes in 2016/17, a 13% increase to last year.
  • Housing associations completed 38,082 homes in 2016/17, a 5% decrease to last year.
  • Half of starts (23,972) were delivered outside the Affordable Homes Programme (AHP), compared to 41% of completions (15,711).
  • 74% of social rented starts were delivered outside the AHP (2,881 homes), compared to 67% of completions (3,190).
  • 45% of both affordable starts and completions were delivered through Section 106 (17,125 starts and 14,437 completions).
  • 20% of starts (9,649) and 15% of completions (5,701) were for market rent or sale. 

There has been a long-standing problem with the available data on the supply of new housing association homes. The housebuilding figures published by the Department for Communities and Local Government do not attribute all of those homes which are built for housing associations through Section 106 agreements to the housing association category, as acknowledged in the notes for that dataset. In addition to this, the data published by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and Greater London Authority (GLA) only captures activity within the programmes they fund, so misses out provision of homes outside these programmes, whether they are market or sub-market products.

In order to address this, and gain a more complete picture of the level and breadth of development activity engaged in by our members, we have collected data on new development directly from developing housing associations.

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