Digital books

Several of our high-quality printed books are also available digitally, allowing you to access our books on-the-go and across different devices.

Books that you can purchase digitally include:

You can browse a full list of our digital books and make a purchase online or by calling 020 7067 1066. Once payment has been taken, you will be able to download the book from your account.

Note: All of our books are subject to our terms and conditions, and you must buy a licence for every person that uses a digital book.

A book license is required for every user

For digital books, you must purchase a license for every individual that downloads the book. Therefore, if you are sharing the book with colleagues you are responsible for ensuring that the correct number of licenses has been purchased.

Discounts are available when you buy multiple licenses – the more you buy, the more you save. The table below details the discounts that are available.

Number of licences required

(one per book user)












If you require over 500 licenses, please call us on 020 7067 1066 to discuss your requirements.

How many licenses do I need?

I want to use the books within my organisation – how many copies do I need?

We appreciate that you may not want to share the book with everyone in your organisation, therefore you only need to buy licenses for the people that will use it. For example:

  • I want to put it on my intranet for everyone in my 100-person organisation to access: you need 100 licenses (and you’ll get 25% off)
  • I just want to send the book to my 25-person department: you need 25 licenses (and get 15% off)
  • I just want to send the book to my 12-person board: you need 12 licences (and get 10% off.

I want to read the book on my computer and on my tablet – do I need two licenses?

No – our licenses are per user, not per device. Once you buy a license you can have it on all of your devices at no extra cost (desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet).

I want to buy multiple licenses, but for use across multiple organisations

Licenses purchased are for one organisation. If you need to use licenses across multiple organisations, please contact our bookshop.

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