BFT Mastclimbing

BFT Mastclimbing is the largest and leading provider of Mastclimbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) in the UK.

MCWPs provide alternative access solutions that are faster, safer and cheaper than traditional scaffolding and reduce disruption and security issues for residents.

Putting residents’ needs first is crucial when designing the access for all re-cladding works helping to save time and money in the process.


BFT Mastclimbing has the largest fleet of MCWPs in the country giving them the flexibility to solve your access challenges.

With over 85% of all buildings being suitable for MCWPs connect them with your supply chain to get the rewards and benefits to your projects.

BFT Mastclimbing offer:

  • Four different types of Mastclimbing Work Platforms.
  • Full technical consultation support throughout the project.
  • Assigned project manager to liaise with your contractors.
  • Full training & HSE Assessments.
  • CPD sessions to create further awareness within your supply chain.


  • Reduced project time.
  • Reduced disruption & impact on residents.
  • Significantly reduced costs.
  • Reduced carbon footprint during the construction process.
  • All medium to high-rise projects should expect to see savings in the region of 40% when compared to the traditional scaffolding alternative.

Everything you need to know about mast climbing and MCWPs


Discounts for NHF members

BFT Mastclimbing understands it’s unlikely housing associations will directly procure their services. As part of this partnership with the NHF, they will donate £1,000 to a resident related charity for every project they are directly instructed to supply machines.

Please note only projects sent directly to the contact listed below and approved will be eligible for this offer.

Contact details

For more information contact Rob Munns, Head of Sales, BFT Mastclimbing.