Reducing carbon emissions at NHF events

The National Housing Federation is committed to reducing the overall carbon emissions of our events, while maintaining the high quality you expect.

We have already taken significant steps to make our events more sustainable and we are on a continuous journey of improvement with the aim to make our events carbon neutral in the future.

Here is an overview of the commitments we have made so far:

  • We only use venues with a sustainability policy in place and we will favour venues in city centre locations accessible by public transport. We also aim to choose venues with suitable in-house AV and other required equipment to reduce shipping.
  • We try to ensure that there are no single-use plastics at our events and all recyclable waste is properly recycled.
  • We are reducing our use of paper by using technology including mobile apps and digital screens.
  • When ordering catering, we are conscious of food waste We are also committed to offering a 60% plant-based menu.
  • Encourage event attendees to play their part, including considering how they travel to events, to use the mobile app and to bring reusable water bottles.

If you can think of other ways we can reduce carbon emissions at our events, we’d love to hear from you.

Climate and sustainability

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