What do we do?

As the trade body for the housing association sector, we influence, campaign and engage on behalf of our members.

  • We provide a single united voice for housing associations. We speak on behalf of the whole sector, and make an impact for the sector in the media, with politicians and with the public.
  • We shape national policy to create an environment where housing associations can deliver their social mission.
  • We tell the housing association story – we’re committed to communicating our members’ unique social purpose, ensuring this is widely recognised and understood, and enabling all housing associations to benefit from the sector’s reputational strengths.
  • We connect housing associations by providing a forum for housing association leaders and staff to share experiences, challenges and good practice.
  • We build relationships with politicians and partners that enable the sector to thrive now and in the future, and provide strategic leadership where culture change is needed.
Our impact

Our work focuses on three themes, outlined in our 2019-22 business strategy. They are:

  • Promoting great quality, exemplified by building safety and customer service.
  • Building trust with tenants, partners, the public, policymakers and regulators.
  • Driving the delivery which will help end the housing crisis.

These three areas of work are underpinned by providing excellent service to our members and stakeholders.

If you want to know more about what we do and how we can work together, please get in touch

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