GoCollaborate is an affordable online community consultation and engagement platform that helps development proposals to reach and connect with communities, for more representative feedback and more inclusive decision-making.

The platform delivers better and more informed feedback that’s neat, representative and easy to manage. It’s also versatile and can accommodate all consultation needs during and after the planning process. This includes pre-app engagement and feasibility to improve the likelihood of application success.


GoCollaborate equips developers including private developers, housing associations and land trusts using their consultation and engagement tool.

The tool can:

  • Host proposal information ranging from street scenes to interactive map data to local housing need figures.
  • Provide and host explanatory documents that can improve the inclusivity of the consultation and engage a wider range of people.
  • Ensure consistency of messaging by providing communities that are local to proposals with an online environment for all information and engagement.
  • Capture feedback broadly or on specifics (through structured questions or free text comments) in an engaging way.
  • Enable you to work with the community to refine thinking and get the best possible results.
  • Allow developers to manage activity through a private consultation dashboard, which presents all captured data in real time and generates instant reports. Additional abilities through this private tool include general messaging to registered users, visually reporting on where responders reside and direct replying to any public comments made on the consultation platform.
  • Generate the data, including demographic, that can be used within a Statement of Community Involvement.

The tool also has a range of benefits to the community members who are local to a development proposal. It’s accessible, interactive and re-visitable, unlike most other cheap electronic survey tools.

The platform enables whole communities to work together to deliver improvement whether that be through sustainable planning, improving community facilities, protecting the green environment, encouraging affordable housing, delivering housing or revitalising high streets, towns and villages.

Discounts for NHF members

NHF members benefit from a 10% discount on GoCollaborate consultation platforms. Commitment to multiple consultations enables further discounts. Contact them below for more information.

Contact details

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