Indevor Bonds & Guarantees

Indevor Bonds & Guarantees is a corporate function and registered company operating in the surety market.

They're continuously seeking new ways to deliver value to clients and increase the offer of surety products.

Current services are delivered through the following brands:

  • CG Bonds - Specialise in the procurement of Contract Guarantee (Performance) bonds on behalf of housebuilders and construction companies.
  • RS Bonds - The only company in the UK that specialise solely and exclusively in the procurement of road and sewer bonds, on behalf of housebuilders.

Indevor Bonds provides an unparalleled service to housebuilders and contractors. This is achieved through years of innovation, the forging of exclusive underwriting partnerships and an unrivalled dedication to customer satisfaction.

CG Bonds Surety

At CG Bonds Surety, their primary focus lies in expertly procuring performance bonds for the construction sector. CG Bonds rely on profound technical acumen and a deep understanding of the intricacies surrounding construction performance bonds to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Housing associations play a crucial role in providing affordable housing and often require financial safeguards to ensure the successful completion of their endeavours. Due to the current economic climate and increased contractor insolvencies, the necessity and importance of bond security have and will continue to increase.

There is a growing perception that specialist insurers are becoming more hesitant to provide bonds, especially to SME contractors. However, owing to CG Bonds’ extensive and exclusive underwriting panel, they boast a 100% track record in fulfilling bond requirements for contractors of all financial strengths.

The absence of a performance bond, which is recommended within a JCT contract, can leave housing associations with a lack of financial protection, which is why CG Bonds is here to help. 

CG Bonds Surety

  • Performance Bonds / Developer Insolvency Bonds
  • Advance Payment Bonds
  • Warranty/Defects Liability Bonds
  • Section 106 Agreement Bonds
  • Deposit Bonds
  • Retention Bonds
  • Tender/Bid Bonds
  • Off-Site Material Bonds
  • Restoration/Environmental Agency Bonds
  • Decommissioning Bonds
  • Duty Deferment Bonds
  • HMRC Bonds

RS Bonds Surety

Road and sewer bonds are a very specialist area of the surety market and provide a financial guarantee from an independent third party (underwriter) to the Adopting Party (local authority or water company) in respect of a developer's obligations to achieve adoption of a site’s highway or sewers.

If a developer fails to fulfil their obligations as detailed within the adoption agreement the local Authority or water company are able to call upon a bond to secure the monies necessary to fund the completion or rectification of required works to bring the highways or sewers to an adoptable standard.

NHF member exclusive discount

We are pleased to advise that as part of our growing presence in the social housing market and to mark our continued status as a NHF Sector Supplier it has been sanctioned for us to launch our exclusive NHF member Fixed RS Bonds Offer.

This entitles all NHF members to benefit from any of our Road & Sewer Bond Products:

  • Best Price Guaranteed Terms
  • Fixed Annual Overrun Fees Year 3 Onwards
  • Free Bond Management & Advisory Service

In addition, in cases where the Housing Association is not the named developer on an agreement, but they are stated as the landowner, we can offer their main contractor a 25% discount on the calculated proposed bond fee.

This will undoubtedly be something of a game changer for housing associations and help alleviate the initial capital outlay on a project, providing a much-needed assurance to NHF members in a time when surety providers' appetite to provide new bonds is very restricted.

Unique selling features

Unique offerings

  • Bond Reduction Rebate Rewards
  • Guarantees Terms
  • Guaranteed Zero Cash Collateral Terms
  • Bond Finance Options
  • Adoption Technical & Advisor Support
  • Free Road and Sewer Bonds Offering
  • Contractor Loyalty Rebate Rewards
  • 100% Track Record in Fulling Bond Requirements
  • Exclusive Underwriting Partnerships
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Technical Support & Bond Management Service
  • Bond Swap Service

Contact details

Amber Tomkinson, Head of Client Relations, Indevor Bonds & Guarantees.

CG Bonds Surety

RS Bonds Surety