Housing associations are constantly striving to improve the service they deliver, whilst reducing costs and maximising value across their organisations.

The volume of data each organisation must control and analyse on a daily basis can be overwhelming and this, coupled with the complexities of GDPR and the Data Protection Act, can quickly lead to overwhelmed staff, duplication of data, out-of-date information and being data rich but knowledge poor.

During the claims handling process a lot of time is lost:

  • Manually logging the information.
  • Updating and tracking claims or incidents on spreadsheets.
  • Tracking historic data.
  • Re-keying data.
  • Collating different spreadsheets for reporting purposes.

One of the key ways to reduce costs while improving and securing back office processes is to streamline and digitise the management of your claims handling. InsuBiz offers housing associations a digital solution. 

With InsuBiz Housing, your claims team can work smarter whilst maintaining an overview and focus on important tasks.  

Your management team can benchmark, improve management reporting and maintain an overview on all insurance claims, saving you time and money and maximising value to your organisation.

Digital business transformation kept simple – you can be up and running within two months with our off-the shelf digital solution.


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