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Integrator Housing Solutions lead the way in energy efficiency and asset management software, with their affordable cloud-based solutions to enable housing associations to measure and manage their data on their path to zero carbon emissions.

Established over 23 years ago, Integrator Housing Solutions have been supporting small, medium and larger housing associations to leave behind the spreadsheets and move to an intuitive cloud-based software solution to manage their assets and stay on top of their energy efficiency measures required to meet the government’s net zero targets.

Integrator Housing Solutions’ founders were at the forefront of SAP and RdSAP development, working for the National Energy Foundation, and they have over 30 years of in-house RdSAP experience.


Whether it’s 50 assets or 80,000 assets, Integrator Housing Solutions have a package to support you.

Their affordable market-leading cloud based software is the solution to measuring and managing housing stock data on the path to zero carbon emissions.

Social housing providers are required to lead the way in achieving the government’s net zero targets by 2050, and Integrator Housing Solutions’ cloud- based asset management software, Integrator Plus contains the solutions to enable them to measure and manage their energy efficiency data critical for achieving these targets.

Energy Toolkit

Integrator Housing Solutions’ cloud based Energy Toolkit (formerly the Energy Efficiency Evaluation module) is a powerful solution which includes a full government approved bulk RdSAP calculation engine, Energy Efficiency Targeting and Improvements Tools, and Energy Output Reports.

The Energy Toolkit can either be purchased as a standalone module, which will seamlessly work with your existing software via Data API, or as fully integrated within an asset management software called Integrator Plus.

Within the Toolkit users can change specific RdSAP inputs and recalculate for fast and accurate results, as well as view official government approved recommended improvement measures and potential ratings.

The Targeting Tool shows the improvements measures required to achieving specific RdSAP targets across your whole housing stock, and at what cost.

While the Improvements Tool allows you to evaluate your own proposed package of improvement measures and see its effect on ratings and costs across your housing stock- without affecting your live data.

The Energy Output Report includes current and potential detailed figures for:

  • Energy efficiency ratings
  • Environmental impact ratings
  • Space heating demand
  • Water heating demand
  • Heat demand (for retrofitting)
  • CO2 emissions
  • Primary energy usage

Notus Pocket Surveyor is a companion product to Integrator Plus which enables rapid stock condition and RdSAP data collection and management via a mobile device.

Gain control over your housing stock and energy efficiency data, anytime, anywhere.

Whether working in the office from home or on the move, you can monitor your ongoing spend, search and access your register of assets or stock condition components. You can also check if you are complying with current government standards all in one affordable, cloud based and powerful asset management software called Integrator Plus.

Exclusive discount for NHF members

Integrator Housing Solutions offer NHF members a 10% discount when purchasing any Integrator Plus asset management software solutions including their Energy Toolkit.

Testimonial - Integrator Plus ‘Energy Toolkit’

"Implementing this toolkit into our routine has been a game-changer for our organisation. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, it has seamlessly integrated into our ways of working. The toolkit has provided us with valuable insights, enabling us to identify areas of improvement. This newfound visibility has enhanced our ability to detect inefficiencies and implement corrective measures promptly. The analytical tools provided have been instrumental in uncovering hidden savings potentials and streamlining our operations. By utilising the Energy Toolkit, we have successfully made substantial progress toward our targets, which were initially deemed challenging. It has significantly contributed to our cost-saving efforts and sustainability initiatives. 

We are particularly thrilled with the remarkable collaboration we have experienced with Integrator Housing Solutions, the supplier of this incredible tool. They have gone above and beyond our expectations by working closely with us to customize the Energy Toolkit to meet our unique specifications and adapt it to our precise requirements."

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